Bitbucket Advanced

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"Bulk update" your issues

Select the issues with the new checkboxes added in the list, and apply in a click a status, a milestone, a version. You can also affect a component.

You can even create a new item on the fly.

I want to "bulk update" my issues

"Rainbow" your repos

Affect one color to each repository, and find them quickly in your browser and in your bookmarks

I want to "rainbow" my Bitbucket

Aerate your list of issues

Set the columns you want to see in your list of issues, and stop feeling oppressed by too many information

You can switch back to the standard view of Bitbucket, just by clicking on "Full view"

I want to read easily my issues

List of features

Page "Issues"

  • Bulk update issues regarding major parameters (Status, Milestone, Version, Component)
  • Show/hide default filters (All, Open, Resolved, Closed, My Issues, Watching)
  • Show/hide Bitbucket Advanced filters (Milestone, Version, Component)
  • Add a second line of filters based on Advanced searches
  • Add a new view of the list of issues, fully customizable, with all the default columns available (Type, Priority, Status, Votes, Assignee, Milestone, Version, Created, Updated)
  • Set the default filter of the page when opened via the Bitbucket left-side menu with advanced query, like status=resolved&responsible=mary
  • Allow to open issues always in a new tab
  • Allow to create a new issue always in a new tab

Page "Commit"

  • Present the Files changed in Master/Detail format, based on a treeview

Left side-menu

  • Show a direct link to the User and group access page (only for admin)

Extension menu

  • Get a direct access to an issue of a specified repository, just by entering its id
  • Get the list of your repositories grouped in 3 lists (favorite, normal, archived)
  • Colorize each of your repositories with a nice dedicated color

Features in the pipe

  • Extend the behavior of the treeview, to auto present files with conflicts
  • ...

Bitbucket Advanced is designed by neediz

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